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About Angel Faretta
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Angel Faretta was born on April 21,1953 - the anniversary of the founding of Rome - to an Italian family that had immigrated to Buenos Aires in the early 1900s.  After completing his grade school education with the Escolapios Order, he continued his studies in History of Philosophy and Art History with a special focus on traditional symbolism.

Today Faretta is a writer, film critic and theorist who has for more than 30 years written extensively in the fields of art, literature, cinema, and what is commonly known as the History of Ideas or Spiritual Science. In addition, he has designed and conducted numerous seminars and worshops on various subject matters including Traditional Symbolism, Cinema & the Concept of Evil, Fantastic Literature, Romanticism & The Romantic Soul, as well as Myth & Its Relationship to Art.  

Faretta has also published poetry (Datos Tradicionales, 1993), a compilation of stories (El Saber del Cuatro, 2005), a volume detailing his aesthetic theory (El Concepto del Cine, 2005), a significant collection of articles and essays (Espíritu de Simetría, 2008), and a novel (Tempestad y asalto, 2009). 
 La Pasión Manda, which was published in 2010, elaborates on the development of his theoritecal insight into art.


Teoria del cine
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